Welcome to The Writer’s Midwife

Writing is a nothing less than a heroic journey. Writing is a courageous and political act that brings the interior world of a human experience it into the light. The journey of a writer can be likened to stages of the birthing process: First stage, active labour, transition and the second stage or birth. Writer’s can follow a similar journey, moving in and out of each stage in different orders. The Writer’s Midwife meets the writer at any stage in his or her journey and assists in helping the writer continue along the journey into the final stages of birthing an idea or project.

The Writer’s Midwife “Shakespearean” Oath:

• I will create and sustain a sacred and safe environment for writers to do their work

• I will encourage the writer when he/she needs encouragement

• I will listen to the writer’s needs

• I will guide the writer toward the direction of growth

• I will examine the source of any blockages and work through them with you

• I will be flexible and allow room for spontaneous inspiration!

A few ways to take the journey with The Writer’s Midwife is to sign up for Skin & Stories in the Calgary area, private coaching and online courses (coming soon!) and in the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Twitter