Creating Sacred Time: You Matter

Some days writing seems like a chore. Many writers will tell you that they often feel both blessed and cursed by the necessity to write. That’s right, a necessity. Writers cannot escape writing no matter how much we try to avoid it. We will mow the lawn, call Aunt Martha and file down our fingernails for the third time this week before we actually sit down to write. At the end of the day, writing is in our bones. This week, I will admit, I had a bit of a meltdown. Between raising two beautiful girls, running two businesses (this one and teaching yoga) and trying to find time to write, I finally lost it. I guess, the truth is, I periodically lose it. Perhaps this is a good way of relieving the frustration at the lack of mental space I receive ┬áin a day, but this one was a doozy. I sat down with a gentle, creative soul and dear friend who wiped away my tears and gave me a game plan.


1.) Waking up at 6:30am. This gives me an hour before I have to drive my husband to work and I can sneak in a morning meditation and enjoy a full cup of coffee before I leave the house. This slow start sets the tone for the day and also gives me extra time to connect with my husband.

2.) 4pm tea time. I am not from Britain, nor do I have roots from there, but tea time is something that has saved my sanity this past week. 4pm seems to be the witching hour at my place and my mind leaps into the future and stresses about all the things I have to do before going to teach yoga in the evening. Giving myself thirty minutes at the witching hour calms the whole house down and the kids and my husband and I can all decompress and talk about our days before the kitchen gets crazy.

3.) Bath Time. Thirty minutes before bed I put some Himalayan crystal salt into a bath and some essential oils (check out which ones are safe to put in the bath first, lavendar is always a safe bet), light a candle and read a book in the bath. I also do a visualization of my day being cleansed from my body while I’m in the bath. I release what no longer serves me and any conversations or events of the day get washed away down the drain.

Have I written more than usual this week? No. Have I felt more creative this week? Absolutely. My kids are happier, I am calmer and everybody wins when I carve out this sacred time for myself. A couple more weeks of this and I am sure I will start to see my writing productivity start to rise.

Take time for yourself today. Remember the things that bring you joy. Embrace summer.