Grief To Creativity

Sadly on June 1, 2014 a friend of mine lost her battle with Leukaemia. She was twenty-seven and leaves behind a wonderful husband and eight-year-old son. I met her in University in a creative writing class. These creative classes always seemed more intimate because of the vulnerability of expressing ourselves openly on the page. If I was in a creative writing class with you, chances are I’ve seen you cry more than once. Chances are I’ve cried with you. The people you meet in those classes never leave you. Kira was one of those people. Although I continued to have a friendship with her via Facebook, she had made a lasting impression on me. I followed her all through her journey with cancer and it wasn’t until her death that I realized I had been waking up every morning to check on her on Facebook. I felt grief when she passed. Shortly after, it was mentioned by a fellow classmate that we should collect her poetry and make a book out of it. This instantly filled my heart with joy and the grief lessened. There have been many people who have been quick to offer their help in making this a reality and I am already feeling waves of gratitude.

What I have learned through all of this is just how important writing is. We are unsure about when we are going to depart from this world and what a gift to leave the written word behind as a legacy. Take the next week to keep your pens moving daily.

Click Here to check out the local Fall Workshop dedicated to my friend, Kira! The theme we will be writing about is blood based on the CBC Massey lecture by Lawrence Hill.