Doodling the Way Past Your Inner Critic

This week has been electric. Like a lightning storm, the week came with its fair share of the good and the bad. The beginning of the week brought The Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown. I have always had a fascination with the origins of creativity, where it comes from and how to get more of it, how people channel it and the different ways they find the muse. Mostly, this fascination comes from my own desire to receive more creative ideas and the courage to express them. Last fall I took an e-course with Molly Hahn called The Unstarving Artist Academy. Molly is the founder of Buddha Doodles and her course required that we do a daily doodle and writing prompt. I was pretty skeptical when I signed up for this course. I didn’t think I could draw and I didn’t know if this would help coax me out of the closet I had retreated back into since I was published the year before. My skepticism was quickly assuaged after the second doodle I did on the second day. Suddenly, the flood gates opened up and ideas started flowing. Ideas started flowing for The Writer’s Midwife: new courses, new blog ideas and ideas also started flowing for yoga sequences and what I could add to my classes. These were not the ideas I had expected. I had expected new poems to show up or the novel idea to ┬ámake it’s way from my head to the page. Those things didn’t and still haven’t happened, but the difference was that I was okay with where I was at.

2015-02-06 14.33.34

Mid-week, I was introduced to an interview with Seth Godin and Krista Tippett. The full unedited 1:26 min blew my mind and I wrote 5 pages of notes. The highlights were as follows:

  • We are ALL artists
  • Wal-Mart/Scarcity View (selling people as much stuff as possible for as little price point as possible) vs. Connection/Abundance View (valuing more meaning and connection over “stuff”)
  • Tell 10 people. There are 10 people who want to listen to your ideas. Then it will spread to 10 others and 10 others after that (10 x 10 x 10)
  • Mythologies are the stories about our best selves
  • In our post-industrial age we can’t please everyone

I ran out and bought The Icarus Deception right after this interview and am also thoroughly enjoying it. There was certainly a push in the “write” direction for me this week. Yet, here I am not meeting my goals and not writing as much as I set out to do. I have a split personality it feels at times. There is my healing/yoga self and then there is my writer self. The bridge between the two are getting smaller and I just keep heading towards the two career choices I have made, not as separate things but simply as just who I am. Coming out of the closet as a writer was hard and coming out of the closet as a Reiki Master is also difficult. The two both continue to be tricky. There is a fear of judgement and a fear of naysayers and a fear of critics. The work is still there, despite what my inner critic says about it. I also finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Thoughts on Writing on her website and she agrees that we just need to write despite the voice that says, “this sucks”. Like Seth Godin, if we have an idea, it needs to make it’s way into the world. There will be ten people willing to listen and in the end it’s the connection that matters.

The Icarus Deception

The Icarus Deception

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend and I would love to hear from you!