Reiki, Essential Oils, Sound Healing, Oh My! Spring Must be Here!

I have been experiencing a tremendous amount of growth recently. Not necessarily in my writing but in my healer life. Over the past year, I have been studying Reiki under Reiki Master, Geneva Robins with Luna Holistic. After receiving my Master level in January, I have been in my teacher training this winter. I am just about to graduate and start teaching level 1 in May!  I have also been studying Young Living’s essential oils and using them in my Reiki practice at Leela Eco Spa & Studio. Young Living is truly a cut above the rest and I have been using other essential oils for ten years. The oils I’ve used in the past are nothing like this. My team has been growing steadily and I am now offering monthly meetings complete with a sound healing meditation to kick things off! I have also been taking my Crystal Tones crystal healing bowls around the city and playing them in all of my yoga classes. They have become like inanimate best friends and I adore what they have done for people on their healing journeys so far!

Although all of this stuff may sound great and it is, I have realized that the direction I have chosen on this journey has been a challenging one! I have been experiencing growth at such a rapid rate and it takes me out of my comfort zone daily. I know that the deeper I dig within, the more joy and love will be felt. I have dove into the unknown and am realizing the adventures that await there…

Reiki Level 1 Poster