The Writer’s Midwife Coaching

The Writer’s Midwife offers one on one coaching which enables us to work together on a personalized writing plan. The components of this plan are to discover the areas of your creative self that are stuck and un-stick them. Heal the parts of yourself prone to self-sabotage and procrastination and reach your goals of being a published writer! You can have a successful creative pregnancy and birth a body of work by the end of three months, six months, nine months or a year, depending on how long you choose to work with me.

First Stage of Creative Labour

You feel excited by the prospect of being a writer but you are unsure how to make the transition from amateur to professional. You will get to work with us over the course of six months, nine months or a year. In that time we will set an intention for your work, create a structure and timeline based on your needs and interests, assist in eliminating any of the “stuck” areas where you feel your creativity or self-confidence lacking and help you get to place both internally and on the page where you are ready to send your work out for publication. The complete Midwifery package, we will encourage your creative growth from start to finish, from notebook to publication and everything in between.

Packages Starting from $650


You feel as if you want to jump ship and rethink this whole writer thing. You have invested a lot of time and energy into this vision and perhaps you feel as if you’re not up for the task after all. This opportunity to work with us allows you to share your ideas and help you stay on track to getting them out into the world. Divided into three months:]

  • Month 1- formulate a plan and a schedule for your writing. Through some inner work discover areas of your creative-self that are stuck or lacking confidence. Burst through these blocks in the first month.
  • Month 2- You will be held accountable to a committed writing schedule (daily writing is key!). This is your opportunity to be free on the page, make mistakes, be less than perfect and just get your ideas onto paper!
  • Month 3- This is where you will submit a draft to me for suggestions and some editing. Remember, projects (poems, essays, novels, plays etc.) go through many, many drafts. I will walk you through the editing process and give you some tips to edit subsequent drafts on your own.

Package starting from $444

Second Stage of Creative Labour

Work with us over the course of a month to take your writing to the next stage and get it out to the world! This is for writers who have a few drafts finished and are looking for resources and encouragement to deliver their work to the world!

Packages starting from $250